mortierbrigade gossips with Bike for Brussels

mortierbrigade gossips with Bike for Brussels

Soon, we’ll be switching to winter time again. And seen as it gets darker faster then, Bike for Brussels wants to sensitize motorists to be extra careful towards cyclists. mortierbrigade came up with a radio campaign in which gossip plays a major role, and which reminds motorists that cyclists are always near. Even when you don’t see them.

Car drivers don’t always see cyclists coming. The radio campaign puts this fact in the spotlight through a very recognizable phenomenon: gossip.

In those radio spots, we hear some people talking behind someone’s back and say bad-nasty-mean things about him/her. After criticizing in the worst way, the gossiper gets caught in the act, creating an awkward situation. With this campaign, mortierbrigade shows in a funny way that sometimes, we don’t pay enough attention to who’s coming. Just like car drivers who don’t see bike riders coming on the road because they don’t pay enough attention. 

The campaign includes 4 radio spots based on the same creative concept. Alongside, Bike for Brussels will be handing out a large quantity of bike lights in different parts of the Belgian capital.


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