mortierbrigade helps Barry Callebaut with the launch of a brand new variety of chocolate during an international event

World scoop for Barry Callebaut who has announced an important discovery. The number one in chocolate introduces a fourth, new chocolate flavor: ‘Ruby’. Ruby is pink in colour and is completely up to par with the white, brown and black chocolate. mortierbrigade was called upon to work out a concept for the international launch in full attendance of the world press. The agency worked out the complete live event in collaboration with the Belgian Yondr and Shanghai’s K2. 

Twenty years ago scientists at Barry Callebaut made an amazing discovery: a new flavor in the cacao bean. They optimized, distilled and refined the flavor for years until it was perfect. This year they finally reached that point: the fourth chocolate flavor ‘Ruby’ was ready to be introduced to a selection of international journalists. mortierbrigade was asked to arrange the launch for the world press. The agency came up with the idea and worked out the invitation and the international launch event for Ruby and hooked up with the Belgian VR specialists of Yondr and Shanghai’s K2 for the unique live spectacle. Using techniques such as videomapping and Virtual Reality the attending journalists embarked on a sensorial journey introducing them to one of the most important inventions in recent food history.


The event took place in Shanghai where internationally renowned foodies, bloggers, journalists, chefs and press agencies were invited to discover the new chocolate flavor for the first time. They were offered a captivating 3D spectacle which took them on a journey through history. A number of historical discoveries led to the tastiest discovery in history: Callebaut’s Ruby chocolate. Thus making clear to all present the importance of this new variety. 


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