mortierbrigade takes over digital top boutique Group94.

For over ten years mortierbrigade fought creative mediocrity. Where the emphasis used to be on classic media, the battle for more creative communication has shifted to the digital arena.

This is why mortierbrigade will integrate Group94 effective immediately. This design boutique from Ghent is world-class in digital design and user experience. By combining our strengths, the connection will be made between branding and interaction across channels. This way content, design and analysis are joined together in one performant brand experience. mortierbrigade thus assembles all talents and competencies required to keep on creating effective, creative and popular work for their clients for the next 10 years, using all possible touchpoints.

“The tools and channels to reach and influence consumers today, are common knowledge. Still we see time and time again that the brand story isn’t translated well in terms of content and visuals into the digital channels,– ranging from social media to emailing. Thanks to the know-how of Group94 we can now offer our clients a solution, in order to bring their brand story just as creative and smart in all touch points. Furthermore it enables us to measure everything and adjust if necessary.” Jens Mortier tells us.

Pascal Leroy, founder of Group94 will pass on the lead (and expertise) gradually. Koen Verbrugge (ex-Thomas Cook, ex-Netlash, ex-Wijs, lecturer of digital content at Artevelde Graduate School) will join our forces as a digital content strategist.
Already mortierbrigade have started collaborating with Hannes Coudenys (Ugly Belgian Houses, Sambal, Like my Ride…). Brigadier Wannes Vermeulen stays on as creative technologist responsible for all digital driven innovations, mortierbrigade will also continue using the good services of digital creatives Bram Ceuppens and Stijn Jansen, who keep everyone up-to-date on the latest innovations from Silicon Valley. Furthermore the Antwerp based Linkman will remain our partner for the production of agile content.
Business Director Evert Vermeire will coordinate from Brussels.

About Group94

Group94 is an online design boutique. They have become well-known with projects for Getty images worldwide, EA Games, Adidas, Unilever…
Owing to their excellent design work they have conquered a place in the FWA hall of fame, next to AKQA and Google Creative Lab.

About mortierbrigade

mortierbrigade has been leading the battle for creative and effective advertising for ten years now. This commitment shows in their high number of awarded integrated campaigns, a Titanium Lion and 5 subsequent EFFIEs. Innovation is an important pillar for mortierbrigade, and we are very proud to have won innovation awards for campaigns such as Song for life (Studio Brussels), Haiyan 2121 and Most Exclusive Video (Absynthe Minded).



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Evert Vermeire Business Director, mortierbrigade
Evert Vermeire Business Director, mortierbrigade
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