Selexion and mortierbrigade innovate the holidays

Thursday, December 24, 2015 — It's that time of the year again: every brand advertises great AND not so great Christmas presents. But Selexion and mortierbrigade offer a solution for terrible Christmas presents.

The idea: "Magical Gift Banners"

How it works: You select the gift you really want for Christmas on and by doing so, you launch a personalized online campaign towards your target group: the people who are supposed to buy you a Christmas present.

On the platform you select your favourite gift, a personal message and one of our youtube viral video's to send to your friends and family. Thanks to our hidden cookies the friends who watch the video will mainly see your personalized banners on the sites they visit.

So no more awkward gifts, AND a highly visible campaign for Selexion at the same time. Not bad.

Initiative Media took care of the clever online targeting.

Magical Gift Banners