looking for a strategic planner


Let’s start with a cliché: at mortierbrigade we believe people make the difference. That’s why we’re looking for a strategic planner that can really make the, euhm… difference. mortierbrigade is one of the most creative and innovative agencies in Belgium, for almost 12 years now. Fighting creative mediocrity is part of our DNA.


You’ll not only work with the strategic director, but also get the chance to collaborate with some of the best creative thinkers and doers, producers and UX specialists. Working on exciting local brands (Lotto, De Standaard, Radio1, Canvas, Humo, KIA, Bicky Burger, Lampiris…) and developing their strategies.


We’re looking for you:

- Having some experience, not necessarily in advertising

- Who sees the story behind the data

- You know how to spread campaigns and make them bigger

- You like to laugh, especially at our jokes

- A surgeon when it comes to analyses

- You see the trends before they become one

- Digital is your middle name

- You’re able to support your clear opinion with arguments and facts

- Talking and writing fluently in Dutch, French and English

Contact vincent.dhalluin@mortierbrigade.com before 15/8/16.


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